Can I use a Nest Thermostat in my Condo

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Can I use a Nest thermostat or other smart thermostat in my condo? Not every situation is the same, and not all situations are compatible, but more often then not a Nest or other smart thermostats can be installed in your condo in Toronto. Here are two major considerations to take into account when assessing your particular situation.

What type of heat and air conditioning does my condo building use?

More often then not Toronto condominiums are heated and cooled using fan coil units or some other unconventional hvac system. If your hvac system employs multiple fan speeds or you hear that your condo management is switching the water from hot to cold or vice versa you are most likely using a fan coil unit. Successful installation of a smart thermostat depends on the brand of fan coil unit and it’s specific control systems. Condo management can give you a definitive answer to what hvac or fan coil system your building uses. The more information you have about your particular hvac system the easier it is to diagnose whether it is wifi thermostat or Nest compatible.

How many wires are attached to my current thermostat?

Your current thermostat will generally employ anywhere from 2 – 7 wires. If you only have the following four wires; R – red wire, W – white wire, Y – yellow wire, G – green wire; chances are good your system is Nest or wifi thermostat compatible. I always recommend an additional C wire for best compatibility. It is also not uncommon to see wires with unconventional colouring codes and letters attached to your condo’s thermostat such as Z wire, G2 wire or a G3 wire. Unconventional wires or colouring codes do not always mean that your system is not compatible with Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell Lyric or other wifi thermostats, but they do usually require professional setup.

At Connected Home Contractors we have successfully installed the following smart thermostats in many condos and apartments in Toronto: Nest Thermostat, Ecobee Thermostat, and Honeywell Lyric Thermostat. Contact us to schedule an appointment here.