August Smart Locks New Release Updates

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The August Smart Lock in my estimation is the best and most versatile smart lock produced to date. August also has a couple of upcoming new releases under the August PRO banner that in my opinion will vastly improve their compatibility and versatility for home automation enthusiasts. As such, I  often get asked by customers regarding the release date for Z-Wave compatibility and the Mortise kit?

August Smart Lock Pro Z-Wave

The August Smart Lock Pro Z-Wave edition will increase the versatility of this smart lock and make it compatible with the widest range of home automation ecosystems, not the least of which is Samsung SmartThings. Reports indicate the August Smart Lock Pro Z-Wave release in the fall of 2017. The following is the official response I received from August.

“We expect that before the end of the year you will see the ZWave compatibility in our distributors!” (words in italics mine)

August Mortise Adaptor Kit

The August Mortise Adaptor Kit was to be released at this time, but August has informed me they are delaying the release so the kit fits more mortise type locks.

“The Mortise Adapter has not been brought to market yet. The major issue that we have found is the limited compatibility with only a small number of Mortise locks (like 2 or 3). Therefore, product team has decided to redesign this product and will announce again at a later date.”

Connected Home Contractors is a Certified August Pro. If you have any questions about the August Smart lock or it’s installation we would be happy to help you here.