What We Do

ecobee & nest smart home automation installation

Smart Thermostat Home Automation Installer

Studies have shown a 23% reduction in energy use by simply installing a smart thermostat.  We specialize in smart thermostats in Toronto condos .Smart thermostats automatically sense whether you are home or not, and adjust the temperature and humidity conditions to make you feel more comfortable. Smart HVAC can even utilize remote sensors and smart vents to remove hot or cold zones from your home. We are a certified Ecobee and Nest installer.

Lutron Caseta smart home automation installation

Smart Lighting Home Automation Installer

Installing smart lighting allows you to create dimmable lighting scenes that reflect the mood and ultimately save energy. Better yet smart lights can be controlled remotely. We create seamless home automation smart lighting solutions.

Create the perfect lighting ambience. Dim or turn off lights from the comfort of your couch. Use home automation to set your porch light to turn on at dusk and off at midnight. Have your hall light turn on when you unlock the door. The lighting possibilities with home automation lighting are endless. We are a certified Lutron RadioRa2 installer.

Honeywell security smart home automation installation

Security System Installer

No need for unsightly alarm keypads. Monitor your home and cameras on your smartphone and/or add professional monitoring. Smart home security systems utilize superior intelligence and easy remote access to make your home more secure.   We are a certified Honeywell and alarm.com installer.

Smart locks provide modern conveniences like keyless entry, remote monitoring and automatic locking/unlocking to your front door. We are a certified August installer.

Plex home theater smart home automation installation

Home Theater Installer & Whole Home Audio Installer

Take your ‘smart theater’ anywhere using smart home automation. Play your media in any room of your home or even remotely.  Use smart ‘follow me’ media technology so you can start a movie on the flatscreen your living room and finish it on your laptop in your bedroom. We are a certified Plex installer.

Add a sound system to your entire home and play one track in one room or three different tracks in three rooms from your audio system and/or mobile device. No need to be tied to down. We are a certified Sonos installer.

smart home automation system installation

Complete Home Automation Installer

Smart devices in your home can be programmed to work automatically and in concert to save you time and money (ie. blinds and shades, appliances, irrigation systems, garage doors, pools, energy meters). Electrical panel energy monitoring devices can measure the energy consumption of every device in your home and report wasted energy. Ultimately this allows you to pinpoint wasters and save energy costs. What would you like to automate in your home? Our home automation installer will make it possible! We are a certified Lutron Shades Pro.

Who We Are?

smart home concept, control your home with your phone

Smart Home Automation Designer

We design smart home automation around your needs. In todays complex world of home automation with it’s competing standards, our home automation installer can cut through the clutter.

Smart Home Automation Installer

Our home automation installer will not only install your devices, but but also will script your home automation scenes. Let us get the devices in your smart home speaking to each other and make life convenient.

Home Automation Programmer

We script your home automation scenes. Let us get your smart devices communicating properly and truly make your life easier.

Home Automation Upgrade

Need to upgrade your existing smart home. Our home automation installer can transition your smart home to todays standards by adding to or upgrading existing home automation systems.

Smart Home Automation Installer

Toronto smart home automation installer, proudly serving the greater Toronto area and the Durham region. Whether at home on your couch or away on vacation, control and monitor your entire home from your smartphone. We specialize in smart home electrical contracting and smart home automation programming. Whatever your home automation needs are, Connected Home Contractors, is prepared to make them a reality.

Benefits of Smart Home Automation

23 % reduction in energy costs
33 % of real estate agents found that smart homes are selling faster
100 % more convenience and peace of mind

Service Area


Serving the Toronto smart home automation community including Scarborough, York, East York and Toronto. The smart home market is experiencing great growth  in the greater Toronto area with it’s rapidly growing housing economy. Ask us how a Toronto based home automation specialists can increase the sale value of your home .


Serving the Markham home automation community. As a tech leader in Canada, Markham is also Canada’s smart home market of choice. Ask us how our home automation installer can even make your techie neighbours jealous with the best home automation in Markham.

North York

Serving the North York smart home community.  While we can install home automation in all North York’s diverse housing market, we specialize in condo home automation and it’s unique set of obstacles. We are the North York home automation leader.

Durham Region

Our home automation installer services the Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa & Bowmanville home automation community.  Particularly in Oshawa home automation is one of the fastest growing segments in the Durham region. We are the Durham Region smart home automation leader.


Nest Licensed
Ecobee Licensed
August Licensed
Insteon Licensed
Samsung Smartthings Licensed
Apple Homekit licensed
Sonos Authorized Dealer
Honeywell Lyric Pro
alarm.com installer
Lutron RA2 Lighting
Ring Automation Dealer